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Stonewall Solutions provides what our clients claim to be the best team building, mental toughness, and leadership development available.  Endorsed by athletes, corporate CEOs, sports psychologists, and legal teams of the highest levels.

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Culture. Mindset. Results. Delivered via our “Fundamentals of Winning” curriculum.

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Providing skills our clients can immediately apply to both their personal and professional lives.

Athletic Team Training

Culture. Mental Toughness. Results. Delivered through classroom training and application drills.

Virtual Team Training

A “Team Relaunch” is what many clients are looking for as 2020 presses on. A tailored virtual training for your corporate or athletic team may be just the spark you are looking for.

One-on-One Coaching

Iron Sharpens Iron. Utilized by CEOs, Coaches and Professionals at the top of their game. Let’s get you to that next level.


Developing the next wave of leaders. For those looking to launch into their next phase of life. Learn from someone who has lived the principles, not just learned about them.



How to Motivate a Remote Workforce

Response to COVID 19 created a remote work force almost overnight.  In order to survive companies had to adapt immediately. As a result, so did the individual.  There is valid anxiety ranging from economic uncertainty, job security, and a host of challenges affecting both our personal and professional lives. 

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From Baseball to the Battlefield

Jason is a former Division 1 NCAA baseball player and Navy SEAL who is now the owner of Stonewall Solutions. His mission is to create elite performance through the fundamental principles of mindset and team culture with keynote presentations, seminars, virtual training, and consulting.

A helicopter crash placed him in an early position of leadership. He learned on the job leading small teams in multiple war zones. Jason provides skills his clients can immediately apply to both their personal and professional lives through keynotes, consulting, and sustained training programs through his “Fundamentals of Winning” Curriculum.

For Love of the Game

A colleague once asked me when I returned from war, “How did you manage the fear of death?” The answer is fairly simple. We know life has pain and ends with death. The real question is, “What are you going to do about it?” You see the secret is to stare that reality...

True Commitment

Prior to training starting, if you would have asked all of the 135 BUD/S students who began our class if they were committed to graduating and becoming a SEAL, every single one of them would have said "yes". However, at the end of Hell Week, only 20 students...

The Correlation between Performance and Confidence

“We were all rooting for you, but none of us thought you were going to make it”. That's a quote from my wife when someone from my hometown expressed they were shocked that I have become a Navy SEAL - and their opinion wasn't completely unfair. Because when we knew...

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Kind Words

“Jason’s insights to our top team of performers were a compelling call to action. The lessons learned in Navy SEAL training and on the battlefields were translated to the corporate world in a clear and relatable way. Great to see Jason has found another way to serve his country. “

Ken Sheldon, Bank of America

“Absolutely first class. In all my years of college baseball that was without questions one of the best team-building exercises I’ve ever seen and we’re a better team for it.  Everything that the staff talked about today, regarding principles, values, and work ethic, you can take with you not only on your quest for Omaha but for the rest of your life.  There’s no question that what we did today made us a better team and is going to stay with us throughout the entire year. “

Terry Rooney, University of Houston Baseball

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