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Jason Kuhn

Former Navy SEAL & Elite Performance Expert

You can’t control the amount of adversity you will face.  But in the face of adversity, you have a choice:  To Be Broken or Forged.  If you’re providing the fuel, but don’t get the results you desire, have conviction in their purpose.  Let short-term failure create long-term success. It’s how winning is done, and it pays to be a winner. We can show you how to win.

For Each Other

Stonewall Solutions provides what our clients claim to be the best team building, mental toughness, and leadership development available.  Endorsed by athletes, corporate CEOs, performance psychologists, and legal teams of the highest levels.

The Fundamentals of Winning is a nationally recognized training system utilized by elite programs across the country.  Developed by Jason Kuhn, a former NCAA Division 1 Baseball player and Navy SEAL.

We share lessons learned through keynotes, seminars, and application drills to increase performance by creating mentally tough competitors and elite teams through a fundamental process.  We lived what we teach.

Our Main Focus

Stonewall Solutions offers training, keynote speaking, coaching, and mentoring in two specific areas based on our experience.

Corporate Solutions

Athletics Solutions

Major League Praise

“Now [Garrett] Jones plays relaxed, loose, and in the moment…”

-NY Times

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