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Culture. Mindset. Results

Culture. Mindset. Results.

Jason is a former Navy SEAL with a Master’s in Global Leadership and a passion for building team chemistry. He pitched for a top-25 Nationally Ranked NCAA baseball team prior to joining the Navy following the attacks on 9/11.

Shortly after joining, a helicopter crash placed him in an early position of leadership. He learned on the job, leading small teams in multiple war zones. Jason provides skills his clients can immediately apply to both their personal and professional lives through keynotes, consulting, and sustained training programs through his “Fundamentals of Winning” Curriculum. 


Virtual Team Building

How to Motivate a Remote Workforce

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“Jason blew me away. Unbelievably Captivating.”

Joe De Sena

CEO, Spartan Race Inc.

Keynote Presentations

Tier 1

30 Min to 1 Hour

Simple. Powerful. Effective. 

Creating sources of confidence. Lessons learned from overcoming career-ending performance anxiety on the baseball field to becoming a Navy SEAL sniper.

How to create mental toughness by embracing the value of adversity and shifting focus into process and people.  Lessons learned from being being “pinned down” in a crossfire.  

How a team-first mind directly increases individual performance in competitive environments. Taught from the actions witnessed of teammates in a helicopter crash.  


Tier 2
Half-Day Seminar

Includes all Fundamentals of Winning:  

  • Toughness 
  • Courage 
  • Forged 
  • Relentless Standard
  • Confidence 
  • Commitment
  • Mental Toughness 
  • Team First
  • Leadership 
  • Communication
  • Desire to Win 
  • High Pressure Performance
  • Failure Analyzing 
  • Never Quit


Tier 3
3 – 18 Months

Leadership sustainment is a linear progression to master the Fundamentals of  Winning one at a time.

Custom consulting:  Jason creates custom leadership development programs, has lead ERP conversions, and C-Suite mentorship. 

He works behind the scenes creating a blueprint for mental toughness and a spinal cord for culture in alignment with the specific dynamics of the company.

Limited to 3 projects per year. 

Client Work

Below are some snippets and kind words from some of our outstanding corporate clients

A Confidence Journey

“We were all rooting for you, but none of us thought you were actually going to make it.” That’s a quote from my wife about how people from my hometown reacted to me becoming a Navy SEAL. We weren’t married when she felt that way, and this was revealed to me many...

A Relentless Standard

I once saw a guy being interviewed asked the question: "What is it that makes you guys so good? Smiling, he replied, “It’s not that we’re that good, it’s that everyone else sucks.” I smiled too but wasn’t sure why and began reflecting on what it meant to me. As a...

A Life Worth Dying For

A colleague once asked me, “how did you manage the fear of death?” The answer is fairly simple. Life has pain and ends with death. The question is, what are you going to do about it? You see the secret is to stare that reality right in the face and smile. Because...

Why Our Top Performers Fail

Of the 135 men that started, we had dwindled to just under 40. At the current moment, it was hard to tell exactly how many people were left in the chaos that was upon us. Yesterday afternoon we had started hellweek. Hellweek is often regarded as the most difficult...

The Night We Cheated Death

The Night We Cheated Death with Mental Toughness and Great Teammates An undisclosed distance out to sea, a thunderstorm is brewing with sheet lightening starting to streak through the clouds. Peering through the green glow of my night vision goggles, I watch the...

The Process of Failure Analyzation

Failure.  Otherwise known as the hardest piece of adversity. Most of us have been told “it’s a part of the process.” Great!…but what does that mean? The process should be a constant evolution of becoming better. Everyone has failed. Everyone will again, or at least...

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